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PostSubject: Application *RECRUITMENT IS OPEN*   Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:20 pm


* WHM with Shellra 5/Protectra 5/Devotion
* RDM with WHM/DRK subs
* BLM with Freeze II/Burst II/Tornado II
* COR with WHM sub
* BRD with WHM sub and Carols
* SMN (with another mage job or strong tank job as well)
* SCH with RDM/WHM subs
* DRG with Max Angon (and with a mage job as well)
* RNG (with a mage job as well)
* THF4 (with a mage job as well)


1. Lot will be based off wish list, attendance, needs of the linkshell and a point system (Point system info. *click here*). If you want a sertain item please post it in the appropriate wish list section of the forums. If your new to the shell don't expect to get an item like a Ridill over a member who has been longer. Also we will gear members to the needs of the ls and by their primary jobs. Meaning if we have a BLM who wants seven eyes and a THF who wants it for his BLM yet his BLM is not a primary use to the linkshell he won't get it. Leaders have the discretion to out lot at any time.


SEA SCNM Dynamis Limbus Einherjar ENM HNM VNM Salvage/Assault and Nyzul Isle Floor 100 SKY We only be done according to the needs of the linkshell and her members. Like i said earlier we run based of attendance and jobs so if you want certain gear make sure you attend as much as you can.

Things we need to know

Be sure to copy and paste these question and answer with you application

1: What time zone do you live in?
2: Do you have access to ventrilo?
3: What is your character(s) Name?
4: What is you main characters job and level?
5: Jobs at 75 or 80 do you have?
6: What jobs are you taking past level 80?
7: What sub jobs do you have and are their levels?
8: What Merits do you have for each of your jobs?
- Please note any notable equipment you have *doesn't have to be everything*
9: What do you have access to? (please list all zones fore dynamis that you have completed cities/outlands)
- Dynamis
- Zilart
- Promathia
- ToAU
- Assault
- Altana
- Campaign
10: Are you a transfer player from another server?
- What server did you transfer from, why did you transfer and when did you transfer?
11: What previous linkshells where you in?
- What did your previous linkshell do and why did you leave their shell?
12: Do you have any prior HNM experience?
13: For what reason have you chosen to be apart of the Allegiance linkshell?
14: Do you know anyone in Allegiance? If yes who?
15: Have you read all the rules and do you accept them?
16: Is there any other things you would like to note or consider in your application?

Please Note:
We are only looking for serious dedicated members, please don't bother posting an application if you are not serious about joining. We are more than just a group of members that play the game we are friends we are family and we stick together.
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