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 Allegiance Rules

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PostSubject: Allegiance Rules   Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:18 pm

1. You must have either one mage or one support-role job. (WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, COR, SCH) *NOTE* If you only have DD job and you think your application will still stand out please still apply as we review all applications

2. You must have appropriate subjobs. (RDMs must have DRK sub, for example)

3. The linkshell does use Ventrilo as a ouside source of communication, it is not a requirement but access to it is a plus.

4. You must be able to take criticism. We are not ashamed to say we are an elitist linkshell. Your gear and playstyle may be critiqued, if you take suggestions in stride and do your research to better your character your chances at remaining in Allegiance increase exponentially.

5. Must have sky/sea access and Dynamis Access (at least one outland)

6. Melee must have THF and NIN subs

7. You must have wings of the goddess and teleport access to all past zones for events we may do in the WotG areas. You also must have access to Abyssea in case we do any fights there.

8. This is your ONLY endgame linkshell any one caught participating with other shells will be removed. Dynamis is an exception.

- HNM are generally camped around the clock as long as members are online. This does not mean that you must make every HNM camp.
- Non-HNM events generally begin at 10:00 PM EST, but can be pushed back depending on HNM windows.
- If you are online and there is an event/camp, you are generally expected to be there. Withstanding circumstances can be brought to leaders. (I want to level my PUP is not a valid excuse.)


1. We will not stand for arguements within linkshell. Each member is on a three strike policy. Once you receive three strikes your out.

2. When a leader talks you listen. There is no wiggle room. If you want to carry on a privet conversation that is fine use the /tell system. Speaking out of line or disrupting a leader while he/she is explaining a strategy or event will not be tolerated.

3. Leaders will be telling you (the members) what macros/weaponskills/magic abilities etc. to use. Don't argue with them just do it. If you have an issue pulling one of us aside after the event and talk to us in privet.

4. Try and keep real life chat to a minimum. I know we all have lives outside the game and like to tell people about it, but there is a time and place for that, during events isn't one of them.

5. Mandatory 45 day probation period.

6. All events will be pick prior to their week of action. Pretty much the events we do will be chosen the before. Events will be picked based of attendance and jobs that are available. Events are not negotiable, we set them up for a reason. If you don't like an event post thread in the absent section of the forum.


1. Lots will be based off wish list, attendance, needs of the linkshell and a point system (Point system info. *click here*). If you want a certain item please post it in the appropriate wish list section of the forums. You must add any item you want to your wish list prior to the run in order to be able to lot on the item. If the item you want is not in your wish list you will not be able to lot. If your new to the shell don't expect to get an item like a Ridill over a member who has been longer. Also we will gear members to the needs of the ls and by their primary jobs. Meaning if we have a BLM who wants seven eyes and a THF who wants it for his BLM yet his BLM is not a primary use to the linkshell he won't get it. Leaders have the discretion to out lot at any time.


SKY SEA SCNM Dynamis Limbus Einherjar ENM HNM VNM Salvage/Assault and Nyzul Isle Floor 100 Like i said earlier we run based of attendance and jobs so if you want certain gear make sure you attend as much as you can.

As our linkshell grow the rules will change it's you responsibility to check for new rule updates/changes.

Thank You,

Allegiance Administration.
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Allegiance Rules
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